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Klean Kanteen 10 oz. cups

How much do we love Klean Kanteen in my house?  
Well, my 2.5 year old started jumping for joy when I opened a box and took out Klean Kanteen's new 10 oz. cup from inside.

Note: I received complimentary cups for review purposes.  All opinions are my own.

The new 10 oz. cups

We have been using Klean Kanteen products for a couple years now.  They are responsibly made in China and are free of BPA and lead.  You can see more information about what they are made of here.  Their stainless steel bottles are unlined, so there is no worry of plastic or aluminum leaching into your drinks.  They make water bottles in lots of sizes, (I love their 12 oz. bottles, as they are small enough to fit in a diaper bag, and are great for kids at restaurants,) insulated water bottles, made with a double wall of stainless steel, canisters and more.

But what we use daily are their cups.  Since we skipped sippy cups and just gave my son a regular stainless steel cup to drink from as a toddler, we were on the look out for a great stainless steel cup.  The traditional Indian ones we had had a sharp lip to them, and since my son, at the time, was chewing on the mouth of the cup a bit, I didn't want him to cut himself.  
So we finally decided to use Klean Kanteen 16 oz. cups.

They were the perfect alternative to plastic for us.  My son used them at every meal and we kept one upstairs for those late night drinks of water.  We felt safe knowing it wasn't glass and wouldn't break if it were dropped.  And the curled lip of the cup eliminated any worries for us of him getting hurt on the mouth of the cup.

  The only thing we wished we could change was the size.
Several readers also asked me if the cups were available in a smaller size when I first posted about them.

Time to rejoice, Klean Kanteen fans.  The 10 oz. cups are here.

The 16 oz. pint cup next to the new 10 oz. cup
These cups offer all the benefits that the 16 oz. cup offers.  No BPA, no lead, no plastic or aluminum lining, dishwasher safe, nestable for easy stacking and storing, and now it's a great size for tiny hands too.

Like their website states, there are plenty of uses for this cup.  It isn't just for kids:

My kids were so excited to try out their new cups.  
Like I do with all my Kanteens, I initially washed the cups, then did a vinegar soak, as detailed in Klean Kanteen's FAQs, and then washed them again and we were ready to go.  (There was a slight outline of the removed label on the cup but it isn't really noticeable and will probably fade over some washes).
My kids proudly drink from their new cups at all their meals.  It was even easier than the 16 oz. cups for them to handle.

We also recently used all our 16 oz. cups and the two 10 oz. cups at a birthday party for my youngest.  It was a great way to "go forth and refuse single-use," as the label states on the cup.  Since the cups stack, they don't take up a lot of space on the counter and make it easy for guests to grab their drink-ware.  I will definitely be buying more of these cups for our family.

Where to purchase:
The cups are available for purchase in 4 packs or as single cups.  In addition to Klean Kanteen's website, the 10 oz. cup and other Klean Kanteen products can be found on Amazon.

Connect with Klean Kanteen Here:

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