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BiteSizers Mealtime Scissors

 Mixed Pears contacted me with an opportunity to try out their new BiteSizers Mealtime Scissors.  (Note: I received a complimentary pair of BiteSizers Mealtime Scissors.  All opinions are my own).

These food scissors are like handy knives, in scissor form, designed to help introduce younger kids to a wide variety of food by letting adults quickly chop up whatever they are eating into age-appropriate bites for kids.  They can be used horizontally but, according to their website, "truly shine when you hold them vertically and cut with the blades pointed down."  Scroll down on their homepage here to watch a video of the scissors at work, vertically.  You can also search YouTube to see a video of a customer using them.

The BiteSizers Mealtime Scissors are certified by NSF International with their Home Products Certification.  They are free of BPA, lead, formaldehyde and phthalates.  Made in Taiwan of utensil grade 420J2 Japanese stainless steel and ABS plastic, the scissors are available in 3 colors: green, pink and blue.

These scissors are very sharp and are not for children to use.  See below:

They come with a snap-on cap to keep the blades closed when on the go or while being stored.
Back of the BiteSizers packaging

They are intended for food and Mixed Pears does not recommend adults use them to cut paper or other materials if you want to use them on food again.  You can find more information on their care and what you can and cannot use them on here, in their FAQs.

The scissors also come with a built-in sizer guide, the 1/2" circle in the middle of the scissors, so that you can reference it when deciding how big or small to cut the food.

Once I had hand-washed my new pair of BiteSizers Mealtime Scissors, I was ready to give them a try.
It took a few seconds to adjust to cutting up food with scissors instead of a knife.

The scissors are very sharp and sliced through most food easily, once I got the hang of cutting vertically.
The first food I tried cutting: noodles, lentils, mushrooms and a bell pepper slice

Easily and quickly chopped vertically into tiny bites

A peanut butter and jelly sandwich.  This was the only food I tried cutting  that I felt would have been faster to just use the butter knife I used for the peanut butter to cut up.
Cottage cheese pancakes

Cottage cheese pancakes chopped up.  These were gooey from the melted cheese but they still chopped up quickly

Fattoush sandwich

The only food I had some difficulty with was grape tomatoes, but those are annoying to cut with a knife and fork anyway.  In this case, cutting vertically did not cut all the way through the tomato so I used a fork to finish cutting through.

But for much of what I was cutting, using the BiteSizers Mealtime Scissors was a breeze and they helped me quickly chop up the food to bite-size pieces.  Here they were used on a thick, Detroit-style carry-out pizza and salad:

I can see these coming in handy at restaurants, so toddlers can easily enjoy smaller bites of a variety of foods, exposing them to a range of flavors and textures.

Where to Buy:
BiteSizers can be purchased from their website or on Amazon.

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