Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Felt Igloo

I made this easy felt igloo for less than a dollar with 1.5 pieces of white felt and a piece of blue felt for the base.

First I cut a rectangle of white felt into two pieces to make the two arches of the igloo.

I then folded the bigger piece into a U shape and placed it over another piece of white felt.  I traced it onto 2 more scraps of white felt and cut those shapes out to get the back of the igloo, and the piece that goes between the two arches.
Note: I made sure to let the arch be about an inch longer than the semi-circles on each side.  This excess felt will be used to sew the igloo onto the blue piece of felt in a couple minutes.

After cutting two of these shapes out, I sewed them on either side of the big felt, folded into an arch.  The semi-circles were a little crooked but it really doesn't matter as long as it isn't too off.  I used a blanket stitch.
Here is the back-view of the arch with the front and back semi-circles sewn on.

I then folded the smaller arch and placed it onto the front semi-circle with a blanket stitch.

I sewed it on with a blanket stitch.

And then cut a smaller semi-circle out, using the inside of the smaller arch as a guide so that the igloo had an open entrance.
Here it is right side up:

The igloo was almost complete.
Remember the extra length I gave the big arch?  I sewed the two excess sides down onto a scrap of blue felt to hold the igloo in place and allow it to stand up sturdily.

I just needed to do one last thing.
So I used my black Sharpie Stained fabric marker and drew the outlines of the ice bricks on.

And with that the igloo was ready for its new residents.
Here are some PlanToys wooden Arctic animals making themselves at home with my felt starry night, no-sew background.

This was a quick, cheap project and my kids love their igloo.

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