Sunday, February 8, 2015

Grimm's Spiel and Holz Water Waves Stacker

my felt dragon with the waves

Like the rainbow, the Waves come in minimal packaging.

And they also had some color transfer when pieces were banged against each other:

But they are as fun and as gorgeously made as the rainbow.  
Like the rainbow toy, the waves also have a natural gritty feel to them.  
Fostering open-ended play, the waves come in various sizes and can be purchased at independent toy stores and also online from retailers like Amazon and A Mighty Nest.  They come in Large and Mini sizes so check the product dimensions to make sure you are getting the size you want.  We ordered the large size. The smallest piece in the our waves set has corners so we are careful with that piece and don't let the baby walk around with it in case he falls.

This is such a beautiful toy, a lot of online reviewers mentioned putting it on their coffee table because it looked great there and adults could fiddle with making their own wave sculptures as well.  As an open-ended toy, the Water Waves can be used as so many playthings with a little imagination.  Here are just some of the configurations my kids and I managed:

An ocean for our whales.

glaciers with my felt igloo

a pool

a bumpy road

stairs/caves/a tunnel

An icy mountain

Check back every Monday and Thursday for new posts, including more info on green toys and products and more DIY toys, including those whales.  Next Thursday I'll be posting my tutorial for the felt igloo pictured above.

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