Sunday, March 15, 2015

Bird-Themed Birthday Party - Bird Crowns

The bird crowns for my son's bird-themed birthday party were fairly easy to make.  I cut out owls out of scraps of green felt.  Then I cut out white eyes, beaks in various shades of pink, and wings from patterned felt.

I blanket stitched all of this together onto the center of a folded rectangle of felt.

I then cut up old fabric ribbons and using a sewing machine, sewed the ribbon in place to the rectangle.

I used a blanket stitch to sew together the 3 open sides of the folded rectangle and the crown was done.

I put the crowns on a table with this sign so that right when kids entered our house they could put them on and join the Birday Party.

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Check back every Monday for new posts, including more info on green toys and DIY toys.  I'll be posting about the rest of the bird-themed party over the next few weeks.

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