Sunday, March 29, 2015

Bird-Themed Birthday Party Decor

You've already seen the bird bunting I posted a few weeks ago.
For the rest of the decorations for the bird-themed party, I cut up old cardboard boxes and drew birds that were already brown, to save myself some time painting or coloring them.

But the birds weren't bright enough so I did end up using brown and black crayons to add some features to them.

I also re-used some of the bird decorations from the Are You My Mother Birthday Party last year.

Instead of making the pompons birds this time, I made them eggs, by simply removing the felt eyes and beaks that were placed on the pompons without glue in the last party.

Here they are as just eggs in a nest on some corner tables.

I tied ribbons to some of my cabinet handles and used the mini clothespins I had purchased for the no-sew bird bunting to clip some extra felt birds I had sewed for the goody bags.  (I will post about those in a few days).
And then I wrote the following menu on the chalkboard we made using Lullaby Paints Chalkboard Paint:

Check back every Monday for new posts, including more info on green products, DIY toys, and the rest of the birday party goody bags, a game and a craft.

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  1. What an amazing Bird-Themed Birthday Party!! All these bird crafts are looking very beautiful. You are so creative my friend. Could you please share some birthday party themes? Also suggest some popular party halls in Boston MA for my birthday party!!