Sunday, March 22, 2015

Bird-Themed Birthday Party Food, Including Another Watermelon Cake

For the birday party, I used fruits and vegetables to make an owl and a nest, an apple tree, a watermelon cake with a bird in a nest, and we used some packaging paper to make nests around some snack bowls and served seeds (sunflower seeds) and twigs (pretzels).

Last year I had made this watermelon cake for my other son's birthday:

This year I decided to attempt a bird's nest with a bird.

I cut the two ends off a personal watermelon and then removed the skin to get a cylindrical shape.
I used toothpicks to attack blackberries and pineapples cut into triangles.
I cut a honeydew melon in half, removed the seeds and had a nest.
I just put it on top of the watermelon base without attatching it with a toothpick.  I filled it with some more pineapple slices to get my bird high enough in the nest to be seen.
I then cut a wing out of the pineapple and a bird out of watermelon and attached the wings to it with a toothpick.
Then I took a bit of a blackberry and stuck it on the bird's face for an eye.  Because it was moist it stuck without a toothpick.

For decoration on the food counter, I then cut an owl out of the remaining watermelon and pineapple, giving it blackberry eyes, and used the other half of the honeydew to make its nest.  I balled some watermelon for the owl's eggs and used celery as a branch.

I cut celery and broccoli and used tomatoes to make this apple tree:

And then I taped old packaging paper to serving bowls to make nests and served pumpkin seeds and pretzels as seeds and twigs.

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