Sunday, March 8, 2015

Bird-Themed Birthday Party - Giant Egg and Nest

For a photo opp for my son's bird-themed birthday party, I made a giant nest and egg for kids to pose behind while wearing these crowns that I will post about next week.

I took an old cardboard box that I had opened by removing the tape just from one flap so it was standing upright.  Then I took scrap orange card-stock from an old shirt box that was damaged and glued it over the entire front of the box, including the flap.

I then cut into the top to make it look like a broken egg.

Since the bottom of the box isn't rounded like an egg, I took brown packaging paper and taped it to the two lower corners of the box to form a rounded bottom.

I then took a bunch of brown packaging paper that had come in parcels to our house over the years and formed it into one large nest.  I put the entire thing on top of a blanket and the giant egg and nest was complete.

At the start of the party, kids could wear their bird masks, get into the nest, and crouch behind the egg for a picture.
This was a quick and easy way to reuse packaging materials.

If you missed my earlier post on how to make a bird-themed no-sew bunting, click here.

Check back every Monday for new posts, including more info on green products, DIY toys, and the rest of the birday party, including decor, food, goody bags, a game and a craft.

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