Sunday, March 1, 2015

No-Sew Bunting for a Bird Themed Birthday Party

We had a bird-themed 1st birthday party for my son with lots of easy, DIY games and decorations that I will be posting about over the next few weeks. 

This bunting just took a couple minutes to make and the string can be used over and over again since the birds are just clipped on with small clothespins.

I drew the following shape onto the back of a patterned piece of felt:

And cut it out:

These are the small clothespins I got from JoAnn Fabrics.  They come in lots of colors but I thought silver would work well with future buntings.

I cut a piece of yarn and pinched the rectangle in it.  It ended up looking too long though and because of the pattern, I thought the rectangle sticking up was distracting.

So I just folded the rectangle down and clipped it again with the clothespin.

I cut out more birds facing in both directions and then cut out a bright pink heart.

I ended up folding that rectangle down too before putting the clothespin on it.
Then the bunting was ready to go up.

Check back every Monday and Thursday for new posts, including more info on green toys and products and more DIY toys.  Coming up, a glue-free wooden cutting board and the rest of the bird-themed birthday party posts.

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