Sunday, April 12, 2015

Bird Bean Bag Toss and Shark Bean Bag Toss

For my kids' birthday parties, which were at home, I took a large cardboard box and made one side into a bird bean bag toss and the other side into a shark bean bag toss, to fit with their respective bird and ocean-themed parties.

For the birds, I drew three baby birds in a nest and cut out the holes in their mouths.  For the shark, I just drew one hungry shark and cut its mouth out as well.  

I painted both sides with Crayola Tempera Paint because it said it wasn't washable and I wanted to ensure it wouldn't rub off on my walls or floor if the box got knocked around.

My mom and crocheted some balls to toss into the birds' and shark's mouths and the bean bag toss was a hit at both parties.  This was a cheap, entertaining toy for the party and it ended up surviving both events so my kids could play with it afterwards as well.

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