Sunday, April 26, 2015

Yet Another Melon Cake

Over the past year I have blogged about a couple watermelon cake alternatives for healthier birthday cakes.  I love making clean-eating "cakes" out of fruits and avoiding processed sugars in my children's diets.

For my son's ocean-themed birthday, I made a sea turtle.  At first I tried to use personal watermelons as a base like I had in the earlier two cakes but I made some mistakes while cutting and they were really uneven.  They also were way smaller than the honeydew melon and couldn't support it so I scratched the idea of using any watermelon in this cake and decided instead to put the turtle on a platter an decorate it with fruits.

I started by cutting the melon in half like this:

Next, I removed the seeds and cut the skin off the melon like this:

I then cut a head and legs out of one half of the melon and used the other as the shell.

Next, it was time to decorate.  Using organic berries, kiwis, tangerines and some of the watermelon scraps, I decorated a platter like this:

The Kiwi stuck to the turtle shell without the use of toothpicks except for one spot.

I put 2 seeds from a bell pepper into the blueberries to make eyes:

My son absolutely loved his cake and couldn't wait to eat it.

Here is the rest of the food from the party.
Peanut Butter Jelly Fish with string cheese tentacles for the kids:

Pretzel driftwood, cucumbers as sea cucumbers and broccoli as seaweed:

Melon balls as saltwater pearls.  Pineapple cut into stars with a cookie cutter as starfish:

And for the adults, we had a submarine sandwich station with plenty of organic veggies to choose from:

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