Sunday, May 17, 2015

Cardboard and Felt Garden - A Spring Upcycling Project

It was raining all morning today so I decided to bring us a sunny garden indoors with the help of a little felt, cardboard and this awesome backdrop made by my talented friend, Brynn.

(I made those insects last week and will post about them later this summer).

For the garden, I started by making carrots, beets and flowers out of felt.  I folded an orange piece of felt like this so I could cut duplicates out for my 2 carrots.

Then I folded a green piece of felt like so and drew the leaves on it.

I cut them out and was good to go.

I did the same thing for my 2 beets and 4 flowers.
I then cut out strips of cardboard that were long enough to go through the vegetables and greens, and the stems and flowers.

Next, it was time to sew.
I used a machine but you could hand sew these as well with a blanket stitch.
I started by sewing my bottom pairs together.  So the orange part of the carrots, the red part of the beets, and the stems for the flowers.
I left the top of each open.  (It is the bottom in this picture).  This way I could stuff it with scraps of felt and my strip of cardboard.

I then sewed my pairs of greens and flowers together leaving their bottom open (seen on the left here).

Then it was just a matter of sliding the two pieces together...

...and sewing shut, being careful not to sew over cardboard, which I assume would break the needle.

2 of the flowers just required the extra step of first sewing the circle onto the petals.

I then sewed them together with an opening on the bottom (seen on the left in this picture), and followed the same procedure to attach the stems.  I then sewed my pairs of leaves together and finally, I sewed the leaves onto the stems by hand because I didn't think my sewing machine could go through so many layers of felt.

Next it was time for the soil.  I got an old cardboard box and folded closed the side that we had opened when it came in the mail.  
I flipped the box over to the side that was taped shut and began to cut holes with scissors.  Unfortunately, my scissors were dull so I just had to keep poking at the box to make jagged slots for the vegetables and flowers.

I put all the vegetables and flowers in their slots and put the 3 insects I made last week on them.  (I will post a tutorial on those later this summer).

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