Sunday, May 3, 2015

Ocean Birthday Party Favors - Whales and No-Sew Playmats

For my son's 3rd birthday party, which was an ocean themed party, I made whales out of felt and a felt play mat.

To make the whales, I simply cut out the shape of the whale in duplicate, and cut out a fin and a heart.

I then machine sewed the fin to one of the pieces of the whale's body and hand-sewed the heart on.

Next, I sewed the two body pieces together in the sewing machine, stuffing it with felt scraps before I closed it completely.

Finally, I used a Sharpie Stained fabric marker to draw an eye and mouth on each whale and the whale was done!

I also made a shark and starfish to use as decor.  You can see them on the right here:

To make the playmats, I bought felt by the yard.  I put a whale on it to figure out how big the mat should be in order for the kids to have room to play with the whale on it.

Once I decided on the size, I cut out as many mats as I needed for the favors.  (I had made some whales for my kids out of an old pair of jeans too.  You can see one in the picture below on the left.

Next, I took the fabric pens and drew a sea turtle, octopus, sea horse, jellyfish, angler fish, starfish and a merman and mermaid.

If you remember my post on my son wearing pink, you know I find the notion of pink only being for girls to be ridiculous so I made sure to give the merman pink hair and the mermaid blue hair.

I then cut the flap off an envelope that had come in the mail and wrote each child's name on it.  I gave one playmat per family and a whale per child.

So when all the playmats were done and the ink dry, I simply wrapped the whales in the playmat and tied it close with ribbon.

And the favors were all set for the party!

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