Sunday, May 31, 2015

Upcycle an Old Sock Into a Sheep

Last year, while doing the laundry, I saw a sock that was balled up and thought it could make a great sheep.
So I found an old sock with holes in it and cut off the foot of it.  I then cut the following pieces out of black and pink felt.

The four black pieces on the left (2 in the top row and 2 in the bottom) are for the head.
The next four pieces (2 in the top row and 2 in the bottom) are for the ears.
And the four on the right are the feet.

I first took the two black pieces that are second from left in the top and bottom row above and sewed the tops and bottoms together with a blanket stitch.
I was then left with a cylindrical shape with openings on either end that were not stitched.
I pinched the felt and held the shape on top of the smaller pieces of felt for the head.
I then cut out the shape it made like so:

I cut two of that shape out and realized I didn't need to put on one the end of the head that would be attached to the sock.  
So I just sewed the piece onto the front of the head and stuffed the felt scraps into the head to complete it.

Using white thread doubled, I sewed two little eyes onto either side of the head.
Then it was time for the ears.

I took the black and pink pairs and sewed them together with a blanket stitch.
I then pinched the wider end of it like so to make the final shape of the ear.

Then I took my four black feet and sewed them to the sock, two on each side.

Turning the sock inside out, I sewed the bottom shut with a running stitch.  (This is the unfinished side, without the cuff, seen at the bottom).

I turned it back the right way and stuffed it with the sock's foot that I had initially cut off.
Then I sewed the other end of the sock closed.

I then folded each end of the sock, to resemble a balled up sock, and sewed it in place.  You can see that effect in the picture below.  And then I attached the ears and head to the sock and the little sheep was done.

We normally use torn socks as cleaning rags but this was a much more fun way to re-purpose an old sock and get one more use out of it in its new incarnation.

And when you can't sleep, you can always count him jumping over the fence.

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