Saturday, June 6, 2015

DIY Play Mat: Outer Space

This was an easy playmat to make.

I just cut out a planets, aliens, a rocket ship and a UFO from felt and sewed them to the front half of an old men's t-shirt that was cut below the armpits.  The back half was made into the Halloween playmat that I posted about last year.

Because the shirt already had stripes on it, I incorporated it into the mat and made it the tail of the shooting star.

I then made some aliens, a UFO and a rocketship.  I might make another astronaut for this mat too.

The mat is crooked because of the cut of the shirt but my kids don't mind one bit.  This is a quick and easy toy to make and it is conventient to bring to other people's houses too, to keep your child entertained.

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I'll be posting more including a Dr. Seuss themed no-sew play mat, a car play mat and more in the coming weeks.

Check back every Monday for new posts, including more info on green products and DIY toys.

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