Saturday, June 27, 2015

Toy Logs Out of Old Clothes

Today I upcycled a torn cotton shirt into toy logs.  I always make sure the clothes we reuse as toys are not wrinkle-free, as those generally have harmful PFOAs on them.

First I cut the sleeves off the shirt.

I cut one of the sleeves in half to get a total of 3 logs out of 2 sleeves.

I then took some old fabric to stuff the logs.

I cut it into 3 pieces and rolled it to fit the log.  This ended up not being enough so I added some more cotton shirt scraps to fill the sleeves.

Here are the three sleeves, stuffed.

I took the ends and folded them closed, almost like gift wrap.

And then I sewed those ends shut.

Then I cut circles out of felt and drew on them with a black Sharpie Stained fabric pen.

I sewed the circles onto the ends of the logs with a blanket stitch and then used the fabric pen to draw wood grain onto the 3 logs and they were done!

Here they are with our Grimm's flames.

And here they are helping cook some of our playfood.

This was a quick, fun project that gave new life to a torn shirt.

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