Sunday, June 14, 2015

Unique Green Toys

We love our German wooden toys because they are so open ended and can grow with our kids.  Here are a few of our wooden toys that my kids have fun playing with that are a little different from the norm.  These are all PlanToys and are made in Thailand.

The PlanToys Balancing Cactus is a fantastic toy that can be used in several ways.  Each colored piece is a different size and weight, teaching children about balance.  Kids can build with it to make towers or a plant, and it can be used as a form of Jenga, where kids add pieces or subtract them, trying to make the other player topple the cactus.  We have to be careful with this toy since my youngest still mouths toys and the orange, yellow and red cactus pieces are tiny, but my older son really enjoys this toy.

The PlanToys Nuts and Bolts toy comes with two figures with three pieces on them that can be twisted into different formations, helping to develop motor skills in toddlers.  My oldest wasn't interested in this toy for a long time but around the age of 3 he enjoyed playing with it.  We have another wooden nut and bolt Montessori toy but the PlanToys version is more interesting to my kids because you can make the nuts and bolts into people.

The PlanToys Mini Walking Elephant is an adorable toy that walks down a ramp when tilted just right, teaching kids about gravity and balance while developing their motor skills.  It's an adorable toy that my kids really enjoy.  They love to see the elephant walk and my older son likes to figure out how to make him walk.  I have found the best deal on this toy to be on

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