Monday, July 13, 2015

DIY Toys: Crayon Tote

A couple years ago, when I first got my sewing machine, I made a crayon tote for my son using old 100% cotton shirts that were too damaged to donate.  When using men's shirts, I always make sure they are not wrinkle free, so that they are free of PFOAs.

To start, I cut a rectangular shape out the front and back of a men's shirt:

I folded its edges in and using a sewing machine, sewed the two pieces together into a rectangle.

I cut the sleeve off another old shirt, folded its edges in and sewed it to one half of my rectangle, sewing three sides down to form a pocket large enough for a coloring book to fit in.  Because it is a sleeve, it isn't a perfect rectangle, and is slanted on one side, but I just wanted a functional crayon tote to take to restaurants and outings so I did not mind if it wasn't straight or if it wasn't cute.
I then cut the front of a peach men's shirt to make a pocket for stickers, folded its edges in and sewed three sides down onto the rectangle with a sewing machine.  I left the buttons on it for decoration.
I folded the sides in on two more scraps of cotton (the green and purple rectangles below), and sewed down three edges of each.  I let them be a little crooked since the coloring book pocket on the other end was already crooked, to give the whole thing a similar whimsical (aka I can't sew) look.  I sewed lines down the two pockets to make compartments for the crayons.

Finally, I added a piece of velcro to the two sides of the rectangle so that it would seal shut when folded in half and the crayon tote was done:

crayon tote when closed
This was a great way to repurpose old shirts and the crayon tote really comes in handy at restaurants.

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