Sunday, July 19, 2015

Melon Cake #4

Today was our dog Limca's adoption anniversary.  So my kids made her some drawings and we decided she needed a watermelon cake.

You may remember some of the earlier melon cakes I made:

To make this simple cake, I cut the two ends off the watermelon.
Then I removed the skin of the melon until I was left with somewhat of a cylindrical shape.  I kept cutting around it until it was rounder and then cut the cylinder in half because the personal watermelon was on the bigger end and the cake would have been too tall.

I then cut two triangular ears and gave the dog a cherry nose and blueberry eyes.  I picked two different sized berries to give the eyes a comical look.

I then made a bone out of blueberries.

Finally, I put mango bits around the border to finish it.

This was a simple, whole foods, clean eating cake, made with nothing but organic and conventional fruits and no processed or added sugar.

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