Sunday, August 16, 2015

DIY Raksha Bandhan Gifts

With Raksha Bandhan just a few days away, some of you might be looking for do-it-yourself gifts for the occasion.  Here are a few of my Indian-themed projects from the past two years.  And next week, I will be posting about my 3 new Raksha Bandhan-themed children's books.  They are available in paperback, and as e-books, and the e-books will be free for a limited time, (and one more of my books will be free during that period too as a bonus), so be sure to check in next week for more information.

Below are the Indian-themed DIY gifts.  Some involve sewing, others are just cutting and pasting things together, and one just involves cardboard and crayons.  Click on the links below each picture for a tutorial.

                                                      Indian-themed card table fort

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