Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Flame-Retardant-Free Pajamas

I always make sure my children's pajamas are cotton and free of flame retardants.  To ensure that, I always look for the bright yellow label stating that the pajamas should be worn snug-fitting as they are not-flame retardant.

But the other day, when I purchased some cotton Carters' pajamas, I noticed that although it had the yellow label, and the shirt had the "Wear snug-fitting, not flame-retardant" label printed on it, the pants were coated with flame-retardant.

The shirt does not have flame retardants on it

But the pants do have flame retardants on them!
I quickly returned the pajamas and checked all our other Carters' sets.  Luckily they were all completely flame-retardant-free, from top to bottom.  But I now know that Carters mixes tops and bottoms that are flame-retardant and not, so in the future I will make sure that each piece of the pajama set, the pants and shorts and tops, has the snug-fitting label printed directly on them.

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