Monday, September 28, 2015

Upcycled Garden Playmat

A few months ago, I turned some old clothes into a garden playmat for my sons.  I always make sure that when I am using old clothes, they are not wrinkle-free or no-iron clothes, as those have a PFOA coating.  You can click here to find out what Teflon and other PFOAs are associated with and how to avoid exposure to them.

I started with this cotton shirt and these cotton shirt scraps:

I cut horizontally below the word "Aspen" and then cut vertically along the two seams so I had a rectangle.

I then took my striped scraps and twisted them up to look like roses.

And I sewed the roses onto the mat.

I then cut out the pocket of an old pair of jeans, making sure I got the tan pocket part inside of the jeans as well.  I like putting pockets in my playmats for easy storage of the felt animals I make that go with each mat.

I sewed the pocket lake onto the corner of my mat and then added a few more wadded-up flowers and some trees using more cotton scraps:

And my playmat was done!

Tune in next week to see the swans and rabbit I made for the playmat.
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