Sunday, October 11, 2015

Felt Swans and a Rabbit for the Garden Playmat

Last time, I showed you how I made a garden playmat for my kids out of old cotton clothes.  Here is how I made a black swan, a white swan and a rabbit out of felt for the playmat:

I drew this swan on a piece of white felt folded in half so that I would get two of them when I cut the shape out.  I then cut the same shape out of a folded piece of black felt to get duplicates in black.

I used my felt scraps to find two beaks and an eye for the black swan.

I then sewed the two pieces of the white swan together, stuffing it with cotton scraps, with a blanket stitch.  When it was finished, I sewed on the beak and drew the eye one with a black Sharpie Stained fabric pen.

I followed the same steps to make the black swan, except his eye was the piece of gray felt.  I sewed it on with black thread to make the pupil.

I cut the following shapes out of felt for the rabbit:

I sewed the ear, nose and eyes to the first piece of brown felt.  Then I sewed the two pieces of the rabbit's body together, using a blanket stitch, and stuffed it with cotton scraps before closing it, and the bunny was done:

These three animals were a fast, fun, low-cost project to make and my kids love playing with them.

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