Monday, October 19, 2015

Halloween Felt Board and Snack

Here is how I used that felt board for some October fun.

I put the fall leaves on our seasonal tree every Autumn for the kids to play with but as Halloween nears, I slowly add some new Halloween-themed felt pieces each day to make the board more festive.  I started with some pumpkins, an apple and an acorn.

I then added two large pumpkins with vampire teeth, an eye patch, lips, eyebrows, mustaches, goatees, bows and more for the kids to use to make different faces.

And then I made some Halloween characters.  I copied the ghost saying "boo" from my friend Brynn's adorable Halloween felt board.  And I added a mummy raking leaves, a skeleton, a bat and a witch.  The kids enjoy playing with these guys.

Last year I made this organic Halloween snack for my son too, using real food ingredients (raisins, an avocado, an apple, carrots, cottage cheese and string cheese), with no added, processed sugar.

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