Thursday, February 11, 2016

Finding a Bathroom Vanity that is Free of Triclosan, Microban and other Antibacterials/Antimicrobials

While looking to update a bathroom vanity top, I found that several of the vanity tops in the big box stores and even in specialty stores, were touting that they were antibacterial or antimicrobial!  I even found that a few vanity tops that didn't mention having those properties did end up having Triclosan or Microban applied to them, by writing each manufacturer to find out what was in their vanity tops.

If you're a frequent reader of this blog, you know I do not use Triclosan (click here on what antibacterials are linked to, where they can be found, and how to avoid them).

It was beginning to look hopeless.  Either companies didn't know what was in their vanity tops, or they didn't respond, or they had an antimicrobial or antibacterial coating. Finally, I got this response from Kohler, so I am going with them:

Unfortunately, it isn't just vanity tops that companies have been coating with antimicrobials. One of the leading faucet manufacturers makes several products with Microban. So I do the best I can before making any changes, to contact the companies I want to give my business to, and ensure that I am not exposing my family to chemicals I want to avoid.

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  1. Thanks for your well researched posts. Wondering if you have done any research on organic soft toys ? There are tons of organic cotton/wool available but they are filled with polyster fiber :( . I will really appreciate if you have any information

    1. Hi, yeah that is true. It is hard to find organic toys that are organic inside as well. Here are some organic toys with organic filling that I posted about last year.

    2. Looks like their site may have changed. I'll contact the makers and post a new link here when I hear back.

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    5. You can also buy organic stuffing like this and make your own toys. You just want to make sure the fabric you use doesn't have flame retardant on it. Unfortunately lots of regular (unorganic) cotton at fabric stores have flame retardants on them.

    6. thanks for your reply. I was also looking for more options and found brand uses organic cotton filling in their soft toys. I had to contact them to find that out. It wasnt clear on their website.

    7. Great to know. Thanks! We have one of their toys but I assumed it was polyfil. Nice to know it isn't. Twinzy also gave me their email address to pass along to you while they redo their etsy site: