Sunday, April 3, 2016

Outer Space Themed Card Table Panel #2: Astronauts

Last year, I showed you how I made the first panel of our outer space themed card table fort:

To make the American and Indian astronauts, I took a large piece of white felt to size out how big I wanted my astronauts to be. I first sketched the astronauts out lightly with a ballpoint pen:

I then cut the shapes out and placed them on the felt. I sewed them in place.

I then went over the drawing with a Sharpie Stained fabric pen and added in details with other colors as well.
Then I cut a shape out in each helmet for my kids to be able to stick their faces in, and sewed along the openings to hold the astronauts to the black felt.
And my astronaut panel was done!

This panel leads to great photo ops with the kids and their friends.  Check back for the rest of the fort and lots more!

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