Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Upcycle Old Cotton Shirts Into a Play-Food Pizza

After seeing how much fun my kids had with an entire pretend pizza in a play kitchen at a Hands On Museum, I decided to make one for home. I turned two old cotton t-shirts into the pizza. Remember, I don't use clothes that are wrinkle-free, no-iron or treated with antibacterials/Microban/antimicrobials. To see the reasons why and where else these chemicals can be found, click above to read my earlier posts on the subject.

I started with some old shirts. I cut two circles out of the yellow and beige shirt to be my dough and one out of the red shirt to be the sauce.

I turned the dough circles inside out and sewed the two circles together, leaving an opening. I then stuffed it with other parts of the shirt and sewed it shut.

I cut out some yellow stripes from what was left of the shirt to be cheese.

I used old toppings from the pizza slices I had made a few years earlier, and the play food pizza was done!

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