Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Upcycle Sweaters into a Winter Gnome

I decided to use some old torn sweaters to make a gnome for my kids.

I cut a rectangular shape out of the green sweater to make the gnome's body that was skinny enough that the purple sleeve could go over part of it to make the gnome's hat.

I then turned the body inside out and sewed along the left and right edges.

Then I bunched up another sweater scrap to make a nose and sewed it into its shape.
I had cut the following shape out of the purple sleeve to make the hat:

After sewing the body on the sides like so...

...I turned it back the right way and held the nose in place.
Now it was time to figure out what size beard to cut.

With the beard on, it was time to sew the nose into place.

I stuffed the gnome's body with old cotton scraps and sewed the bottom closed with a blanket stitch.

I then cut out a bird, nest and eggs from wool felt and sewed it into my gnome's beard.

I turned the purple hat inside out and sewed the side that was cut open so it was now shut. Then I turned it back the right way, folded the bottom and put it on my gnome.

I sewed it in place. Then I stuffed the

I thought I was done but because the beard was not made out of felt, I was afraid it would unravel so I blanket stitched it with embroidery floss.

This was a fun way to re-purpose old sweaters and give them new life as a cute little winter gnome. My kids loved the gnome!

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